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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. The National Hydrogen Asociation of Australia was created some years back to advance the research and awareness into hydrogen as an alternative energy source.

The association is made up of public, government and business networks. We strive to provide the latest information in an effort to advance the development in Australia of hydrogen energy. Hopefully you will find what you need at our site, or one of our affiliate sites around the world.

The National Hydrogen Association of Australia is involved in developing the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Smart House, The onboard vehicle generation of hydrogen as a partical fuel substitute to power the internal combustion engine, the hydrogen demonstration site office.

The NHAA in association with TJM Industries are developing standard hydrogen fittings and connectors in stainless steel  for the application in the fuel cell market.

Once again, welcome and we hope you benefit from this resource. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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